I first discovered Spectrum Collections back in January 2016 and was immediately blown away by the rainbow of colour on my screen – brushes of all colours and styles. I took my time choosing my first set, scrolling through their website and Instagram page for inspiration. I (finally) settled on the 12 piece Siren Brush Set & Roll, falling head over heels for the Black handle, Blue/Black brush, Rainbow metal and matching brush roll.



As soon as they arrived I was desperate to try them out and was pleased to discover they were indeed as good as they looked. Super soft synthetic brushes (no shedding – yay!) that pick product up like a dream, applying my make up has never been easier.
I’d usually purchase individual brushes from whichever brand took my eye at the time, often expensive names that sometimes failed to do the job properly. But Spectrum Collections have well and truly converted me to their products, I really haven’t come across better looking and quality brushes before/since purchasing these.
Over the past few months my collection has grown and Spectrum Collections have never failed to impress, often releasing new colours and sets – each as beautiful as the last. My latest set being the 12 Piece Bomb Shell Set and Oyster Roll – a flash of rose gold and vibrant pink. These beauties also come with shorter handles than their predecessors, making them oh-so make-up bag friendly!


I could ask myself, ‘how many make up brushes does one face need?’, however I’m not sure I’d care too much for the answer. As long as this brand keep releasing gorgeous products, I’m going to have to continue to add to my ever growing collection!


Featured items:
(Spectrum Collections)

White Marbelous 12 Piece Brush Set
White Marbelous bag
Siren 12 Piece Brush Set & Roll
Bomb Shell 12 Piece Brush Set and Oyster Roll
CO1 Individual Brush
A1 Individual Brush
A04 Individual Brush

Images taken on iPhone 6 Plus

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