Just going to throw it out there – River Island are killing it at the moment!
Ok, ok I know, they always have. But seriously, have you been in store recently or shopped online? Wowza. Somebody needs to confiscate my debit card and quick!

I have shopped in River Island since my teens and although its not by any means the only store I purchase clothing from, its one of those stores I go back to again and again. For me, the fit is always spot on and they constantly reinvent themselves and stay on trend year after year. Recently I decided to add some casual wear to my wardrobe and had sweatshirts, tees and jumpers in mind. I have a few Calvin Klein sweatshirts and Balmain printed tees that I adore, but I wanted every day and high street styles.

The first item I found was a seriously cute Pink Burnout Cropped ‘Cherry Baby’ T-Shirt*. It was too cute not to try! I wouldn’t normally go for cropped, but its not too short on me thankfully, especially with high waisted jeans, so i’m prepared to go with it (I’m 5’7).

The second item was a White Tie Shoulder Flared Sleeve Knit*. I love a cold shoulder because they allow you to wear knits in summer (British summers anyway). White wouldn’t be my usual choice but I was feeling brave! I also love the silver detailing.

Third and fourth are two of the exact same thing, but in different colours. Step forward the Frill Sleeve Sweatshirt* in White*and also in Blue*. It was too gorgeous to not buy both! I love the colour blue anyway, it’s my favourite ever colour so that was an obvious choice. As it came in White too I thought.. well, it would be rude not too!

Finally, the Light Yellow Slashed Sleeve Sweatshirt – a complete wildcard. I loved the style of it and the detail on the sleeves, but the colour threw me. I considered the fact that I don’t tend to wear yellow (no particular reason), then threw caution to the wind and ordered it anyway. Sooooo glad I ordered this – It’s possibly my favourite out of the three sweatshirts! It’s so soft, comfortable and the detailing to the sleeves is even more lovely in person.

For now, that’s all! If you own any of these, are thinking of purchasing or have found other sweatshirts/tees/knits that you love, I would love to read your comments.

Featured Items:
Pink Burnout Cropped ‘Cherry Baby’ Tee *
White Tie Shoulder Flared Sleeve Knit Jumper *
White Frill Sleeve Sweatshirt *
Blue Frill Sleeve Sweatshirt *
Light Yellow Slashed Sleeve Sweatshirt *
(All River Island)
Rings – Pandora
Denim – Paige
Shoes – Christian Louboutin




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