Over the years I have collected a lot of T-shirts (a lot). Every so often I clear out my wardrobe and give quite a few away, but it’s never long until I’ve replaced them again with new buys. The majority of my collection are high street, but a few have come from high end brands (I’m looking at you, Balmain). High street is certainly my preference, as I can experiment more with colours, textures and trends without fear of it going out of style and wasting money. With pricier items I prefer to play it a little more safe, sticking to staple colours that I know reach for year after year.


Allsaints grey malin tshirt


There’s nothing better than the simple classic, white tee. It’s fresh, effortless and a definite hit with me. I often stock up on plain white tees (let’s face it, its the worst colour ever for longevity if you are clumsy like me and they never look the same after a few washes), so there’s always a few somewhere in my wardrobe. I don’t stick to brands, although I’d say my go-to’s would usually be Topshop, River Island, ASOS and Allsaints.

I also love a grey T-shirt (especially this time of year), yet I think a good one is hard to find. I had a really old grey v-neck t-shirt from Miss Selfridge that had twisted lining and really needed throwing out, but I could not find a replacement. That was until I stumbled across this beauty, which I will one hundred percent be buying in black and white soon. Literally the next time I go shopping they are mine! It’s thin, but the quality is perfect and I find light weight tee’s like this more ‘dressy’.

Finally, the stripe tee. They seem to be quite popular and this one took my eye in store the other day. I carried this around the store with me for around 20 minutes before purchasing. I couldn’t make my mind up whether i’d wear it as I don’t often go for stripes. This was until I tried it on in the changing rooms, before sprinting to the till. I love the flash of red lettering and the contrasting band around the neck.




White t-shirt – Topshop*
Stripe t-shirt – Topshop*
Grey t-shirt – AllSaints*


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