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I am infatuated with white interiors. There. I said it. I can’t help it and it’s led me to totally redecorate my bedroom again.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve become a bit bored of wallpaper. I think it’s because I change my mind so often that it isn’t a cost effective option for me. I don’t think i’m flakey when it comes to choosing decor, or indecisive. I think it’s down to what I can physically afford, compared to what I want. For example, making minor changes to a room freshens it up and gives it a new lease of life (on a budget and without re decorating the whole room from scratch). However, it is in my past experience ‘patching up’, which means it’s a temporary solution and will still cost me in the long run when I still decide to redecorate the whole room anyway!

Obviously, this is only from my own personal perspective. You probably have more willpower than me. I have a habit of setting my mind to something and then like a dog with a bone I can’t get over it until I’ve seen it through.

Referring back to my bedroom, I have had three out of four walls in a Cream/White stripe pattern for years. The fourth wall (the feature wall, if you like) is the one that gets redecorated every so often. Most recently it has been a dove grey colour with a damask style pattern (Josette White/Dove Grey Wallpaper from Laura Ashley, to be precise). That was until a few weeks ago when I decided enough was enough and it was all coming down. As much as I adore that particular wallpaper, its in the living room already, so it’s not like I won’t still see it every day. Fast forward to now and all four walls have been stripped, holes from nails (pictures etc) have been filled and it’s all painted white. It’s the blank canvas I’ve been looking for and the perfect starting point.

I’m sure some would think it’s boring, but firstly it’s not finished and won’t be for a while and secondly, it’s my bedroom and I love it! My furniture is already painted White (it has been for years) and the majority of my decorative pieces are glass, silver and white, so I have no concerns over how it will all look together. I had to purchase a new lampshade for my favourite glass lamp (I’ve had about 3 shades made for it over the years) in white of course, as there was no way that was going anywhere. The shade was bespoke and from Laura Ashley (they are made to measure and you choose the colour). I’ve also had shutters fitted to my windows (White of course), which I have completely fallen in love with.

Keeping the colour palette minimal allows for wiggle room, should your style change over time. I find if I want something colourful, I’d rather buy it in something that isn’t too expensive or difficult to replace (for example, a cushion or a bunch of artificial flowers). If I commit to something larger (e.g furniture), there’s a chance I might get bored and depending on the cost of it in the first place, that might lead to a headache when it comes to replacing it.

For me there’s nothing more perfect than crisp white fresh linen. I’ve bought a new bed and kitted it out in, you guessed it, white! White pillows, white sheets, white duvet.. ahhh bliss!
Sidenote: Yes, white is the most unpractical bedding colour ever, especially if you have dogs (no matter how tiny). One of which can jump onto my bed whenever she feels like it (luckily the other one never mastered that talent).

There’s still a lot to be done and a lot of things I want to change. Whether it happens, we’ll see! When I eventually get around to finishing this room I will do an updated post. It will be interesting to look back on whether it stays as minimal. I’m also hoping to redecorate the ensuite bathroom attached to my bedroom, so again if that happens I will include that or write another post in future. Can you guess what colour scheme I want for my bathroom?

Are you thinking of redecorating? What’s your home style? Can you recommend a homeware store? I would love to read your comments and suggestions.


Featured in this post:
White Paint – B&Q
Mirrors – Laura Ashley
Lighting – Laura Ashley
Window Shutters – Thomas Sanderson
Furniture – Laura Ashley (re-sprayed White/updated drawer pulls a few years ago)
White Lampshade – Laura Ashley (made to order)
Candles – NEOM and Jo Malone
Photo Frames – Laura Ashley
Pineapple Ornament – Laura Ashley
Artificial Flowers – Berrys & Grey
Silver Crackle Vase – Next (a few years ago)

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