I haven’t used a heat protection spray on my hair for years, which is a bad thing because I blow dry and straighten my hair. There’s no excuse for why I haven’t used one for so long, just laziness.

I’ve decided to change that and after researching online I came across Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray*. It’s a UV and heat protecter that conditions and detangles hair. That’s something I need as my hair is the worst to brush when wet. I think it’s the length. If I brush it in the shower it’s fine, but if I don’t brush it until I’m doing my hair later on, its a bit of a nightmare.

I’ve never tried any Living Proof products until this one and I’ve only used it for a few weeks so far, but I like it. It smells lovely, which is always nice and my hair has been a lot easier to brush. It will take a while to notice any benefits on the heat protecting front, although my hair isn’t particularly damaged anyway. This is more of a precautional measure than to repair anything.

I thought I’d mention it incase you are in the market for a new heat protector and fancy giving this a try. I will update you if I notice anything wonderful after using it for a few months.

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