I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for my ‘perfect’ red bag. I’ve adored the colour red for years (it never goes out of style each season), but I wanted to build a collection of more wearable colours first (i.e. black, cream, brown, grey, neutral colours). I also had absolutely no idea what size, colour or style of red bag to choose. I knew I wouldn’t use a red bag all day, every day, but I still wanted it to be practical when I do.

I’d also been lusting after the Christian Louboutin Paloma bag for well over a year. I wanted a black one and I’d already decided that the small size would suit me, but had never took the plunge as I had far too many black bags already to justify another so soon. I was browsing the internet one night in late November and came across a red version of the Paloma bag, which I’d never seen before. Usually the red version has a nude coloured handle (as do the majority of the Paloma bag colour ways), but this was red all over. I knew I had to try it and at the time they only had 3 available online so I placed an order straight away. I was fully intending on returning it if it wasn’t right, but I so hoped it would be.

It arrived a few days later and that was it, L O V E. End of story… No I’m kidding, it was gorgeous but I did wonder when first opening it whether I’d made a mistake on the size. It looked tiny, which wasn’t helped by it being packaged in the largest box ever. I’d decided on the small size as for me the mini/micro is just too small (personal preference but I like to fit more than my phone in a bag) and the medium just looked that little bit too big for what I wanted it for. The large is huge, which is great if you want it for work, to carry a lot of things around with you, but I knew that the smaller option would work best for me. I got over my initial fear of the size when I tried it on with a few outfits from my wardrobe. I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post (here) that putting a full outfit together is the best way of justifying whether a freshly delivered item (in this case the bag) can make itself at home in my wardrobe or not.

The shape of the bag means it’s fairly generous, there are no interior compartments apart from one small zipped pocket at the back. The structure is great for me, I love a bag that doesn’t crease or loose its shape. This won’t and it has 4 gold ‘feet’ at the bottom of it so the leather on the bottom won’t get damaged. The front and back of the bag are a smooth leather, whereas the sides are patent red with gold studs. The top handles are one of my favourite features as they remain upright at all times. There’s a longer strap which can be adjusted in length and it’s detachable (gold clips on either side of the strap). I personally prefer the look of the bag with it left on at all times (whether I use the long strap or not), but it’s great to have the option of removing it. Also, just to note whilst I’m discussing the bags appearance, the back of the bag appears to be the side without the shoe badge (when looking at the interior zip), but I like wearing it with the badge showing, which is why that’s how it’s shown in these images.

The only possible downside I can see some finding with this bag is the way it closes. There is one strap that comes out of one side of the bag and fits into the other side (in the interior compartment). This looks great and isn’t fiddly at all which is nice. The only thing is, that’s it. That’s the most this bag closes. The sides don’t come together, there’s no exterior zip, so it never really feels like the bag is closed (you can see some of the contents inside, if you are looking down into it). I haven’t really found it to be an issue, but it would make me want to keep it to the front of me at all times, rather than being more carefree with wearing it on the longer strap and letting it sit behind me. I suppose I’ve noticed it because I am used to bags with a secure close feature (such as the flap on my Chanel bags). None of that puts me off this bag in the slightest, it really is beautiful and so well made.

I’ve already surprised myself with how much I’ve used this bag throughout December and January considering red isn’t a colour I wear daily. I can’t stop reaching for it! It’s quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites. I wanted to wait until I’d been using it for at least a month before writing this post, but I’m glad to report its fairly lightweight and comfortable to wear. I say that because my Givenchy Antigona bag (that I adore), is quite heavy to carry around for long periods.

The colour of this bag is the perfect ‘Louboutin red’ and I find it so easy to style. If you would like to see examples of how I style it head to my Instagram page.

Denim – The Kooples
Loafers – Gucci


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