I purchased my first pair of Valentino flat Rockstud sandals in black around two years ago and always planned on buying more. As I’ve recently added to my collection with a gold pair, I thought I’d write a post on both of them.

For my first pair of flat Valentino sandals I stuck to what I would call a ‘classic’ choice and ordered them in black. At the time I didn’t have any black sandals and I think black is one of the most practical colours to wear, so it made sense. They are all black with gunmetal studs. Unfortunately I haven’t seen my exact ones in store or online since, but these* are very similar (black with gold studs). The gunmetal makes them a little boyish, for me, which I love. I like to pair them mostly with black bags (my Givenchy Antigona and Chanel Boy bag look great with them), but as they are black they really do go with anything. I knew if I ever ordered another pair I wanted them to be a little more girly and a completely contrasting colour!


This pair (here*) have been on my wish list for over two years. I’ve wanted them ever since I purchased my black pair but unfortunately couldn’t get the exact colour and size I wanted. I’d seen a lot of bronze and rose gold, which are all really lovely, but I wanted gold and wasn’t prepared to settle when spending a large amount on them. Whilst browsing online not long ago I saw them in my size and couldn’t believe my eyes! I ordered them without hesitation and they were everything I imagined! The metallic leather is a pale champagne gold, the studs are a slightly brighter gold and the inside is beige and gold.

I feel like I’ve now got the best of both (for what I wanted) as I have gold for when I wear gold accessories (belts, jewellery, etc) and gunmetal for when I wear silver tones. I’m not sure if they do bright silver studs with black (I haven’t seen them if they do), but I am more than happy with my choices.


As they are an open sandal I didn’t hesitate with the sizing. I ordered my usual UK shoe size (online) and they fit perfectly, so they are true to size for me. I have narrow feet so I wear the buckles fairly tight, but with no problems whatsoever as you can adjust them to suit you. They are completely flat (the heel is almost non existent). Although I personally don’t find them hard on my feet, if you like a shoe with lots of cushioning or a bit of a heel these might not be for you. You can get these flat sandals but without the toe post, that just go straight across your foot. There are also versions with different heel heights (thicker and thin heels) so I’d look into those if you would prefer something a little bit higher.

I haven’t worn the gold pair for hours and hours yet (more like 1-2 hours at a time so far), but I have numerous times with the black pair. They don’t really require any breaking in as there isn’t a lot to them. I wouldn’t recommend walking long distances in a sandal anyway, but I’ve never had any blisters, rubbing or discomfort from them when I’ve had them on all day.

If you are looking to get a pair but can’t find the size or colour that you want I would suggest waiting until you do. They are such a great investment but only if you choose the right colour for you. I remember seeing the gold pair when I first ordered my black ones, but not in my size. I’ve only just managed to get them now, two years later, but it’s been worth the wait. On the other hand if you want a pair but can’t afford to spend on them now, don’t be worried if they sell out because from what I’ve seen they always come back eventually – even if it takes a while!


I thought I should include an image of me wearing them so you can see them on (above). I think you’ll agree that although two years older than the gold pair (these images were taken when the gold pair were brand new, almost two months ago), the black are still in pretty good shape considering they have had a lot of wear. Any signs of general wear (a little bit of creasing) are on the inside sole, so my foot covers that when wearing them anyway. The studs and straps are like new! I have found them to be great value for money, which with the price you would certainly expect and hope for. I’d love to add to my collection in future but for now I’m very happy with what I’ve chosen. If I did buy more I suppose I would go for something completely different to the two pairs I have – maybe more of a fun colour now I’ve covered the basics. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get a pair as I have been so impressed with their quality.


I think that’s everything but if you have any questions or would like to leave a comment below I would love to read them and will reply as soon as I can. Hopefully this post has been useful if you are looking to purchase a pair in future. If you would like to see how I style mine with outfits you can follow me on Instagram @emilyjanehardy.

Thank you for reading!


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