About me? Late twenties, excellent procrastinator, a few minutes late to everything, partial to a cinnamon doughnut dipped (submerged) in either chocolate or caramel sauce (or both, not fussy), owns far too many pairs of shoes, very sarcastic and looks forward to watching ‘The Holiday’ every winter, without fail. Love that film.

I created emilyjanehardy.com in late 2016, after years of using Instagram to document my favourite beauty products, latest (and treasured) fashion finds and love for all things interiors. It’s my own little space for me to ramble incessantly about the things I love. This blog doesn’t take itself too seriously and focuses on a number of themes including fashion (a mixture of high street and designer pieces, some new and some old), make up, skincare, home decor and life in general. Although I love nothing more than adding to my wardrobe, beauty drawers and any available floor/table top space, I thoroughly believe in making good choices and purchasing quality and loved items that will last a lifetime (or as long as possible) and not just buying something because it’s ‘in’ at the moment.

I wanted to write posts that I would read myself and if someone reads my blog and feels like they can relate to it in any way, finds any of the information included useful or they simply just look forward to new posts going up, that would mean so much to me. 

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